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We bring Planet, People and Products into harmony through the projects in which we involve ourselves and others.

If you're familiar with Google Earth, you recall the "opening scene" with the whole sphere of Earth in all its blueness. We believe there is no more powerful visualization of the fact that we are One People - One Planet. This is one of many reasons why we work within the Digital Earth community. Simple user interfaces with powerful data drivers transcend the languages of Earth, bring understanding and create a sense of place for everyone.

The lands and waters of Planet Earth host diverse biogeographical regions, ecosystems, and myriad populations. They are influenced by each other and by weather systems, the metabolic processes of life and, increasingly, human activity.

People. All human beings. (We use Wiser Earth to find people, because we find the W.E. community reflects our constituency and values, and it is a growing and thriving community of human and informational resources.)
Products (goods and services)
Products are the "third leg" of our Framework, and consists of all goods and services, business, commerce, Capitalism, trade... shopping!

Sustainable goods and services relate, in the best way, to ecosystems and cultures.

Infrastructure Projects
  • We are helping to build an infrastructure for local designers to connect with global resources
  • We are aligning with and calling for knowledgebases that provide the most comprehensive and complete information to consumers and developers
Client Projects
  • News release pending...

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